Important Muscles of the human body
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What are the benefits of Massage Therapy?
Increased capacity to train.
Improved performance.
Increased mobility.
Improved relaxation.
Relief from aches and pains.
Combat stress.
Reduced recovery times from exercise.
How is this Achieved?
By reducing factors that inhibit mobility such as muscle spasm, muscle fatigue, tendonitis, adhesions, facial restrictions, scar tissue, oedema, stress and anxiety.
By reducing pain through decreasing excessive tension associated with activated mechanical noiceptors. Pain and discomfort that can cause further muscle spasm.
By helping the removal of waste products found in tissue such as lactic acid and urea.
By encouraging a faster recovery from physical damage incurred as a result of exercise, especially competition.
By assisting in healing by direct treatment of injuries.
By assisting in a program of rehabilitation and maintenance.
By helping to restore balance.
By working for a functional separation of muscles and fascia.
By benefiting the immune system through the effects of massage on T-cell production.
By reducing spasm which may be affecting the body and increasing the susceptibility to injury.
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