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Massage Therapy Contraindications
Massage is a form of therapy that can be carried out on most people. However, before commencing a massage treatment it is crucial that a patient advises the masseur of any symptom or condition that will limit or bar treatment. These symptoms or conditions are called 'contraindications' and are split into 3 types as follows:
Medical Contraindications - Massage can only be undertaken after approval from a suitably qualified medical practitioner.
Gynaecological infections Whiplash Bells palsy
Trapped / Pinched nerve Asthma / bronchitis Diabetes
Cardio-vascular conditions Recent operation Medical oedema
Acute rheumatism / arthritis Nervous / psychotic condition Pregnancy
Osteoporosis Epilepsy  
Any condition being treated by another medical practitioner

Localised Contraindications - Massage is to exclude the area of the body affected.
Area of undiagnosed pain Inflamed nerves Varicose veins
Cuts / bruising / abrasions Sunburn Inflammation
Undiagnosed lumps and bumps Skin diseases  
Pregnancy (after medical permission obtained on the abdomen)
Scar tissue (2 years after major operation / 6 months for a small scar)
Abdomen (first days of menstruation depending on how the client is feeling)

Total Contraindications - No massage is to be undertaken on any part of the body.
Under the influence of alcohol/drugs
Cancer (unless Terminal and then only with medical permission)
Contagious / infectious disease
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Holistic Massage Therapy in Inverness Highlands of Scotland
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