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Frequently Asked Massage Therapy Questions
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What is massage?
How can message be both relaxing & stimulating?
How does massage work?
What are the benefits of massage?
What is a masseur/ masseuse?
I have a medical condition, can I still be massaged?
How should I pick a therapist?
Will a massage cure my problem?
How can I choose a licensed therapist?
How do I choose the right type of massage?
What is a typical massage session?
Will it be painful/uncomfortable?
How will I feel after a treatment?
What is a healing crisis and when does it happen?
How long will an hour massage take?
Why is a consultation necessary?
Do I have to undress?
What should I wear?
Will my modesty be maintained?
Do I need to bring anything?
How many massages will I need?
What oils etc do you use?
Will I react to the oil?
Can I bring a friend?
How far from Inverness will you travel?
What type of music do you play/recommend?
What facilities do you have in your clinic?
Can I bring music?
How old must I be to receive a massage?
Can I be sure personal details remain confidential?
How can I contact you?
If you are travelling to me what should I provide?
Is there parking nearby?

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