Holistic Massage, Indian Head Massage, Ayuredic Head Massage, Sports and Remedial Therapies in Inverness

Holistic Massage Therapy, Sports and Remedial Massage Therapy, Indian Head Massage Therapy and Ayurvedic Head Massage in Inverness, Highlands of Scotland.

What types of massage are available at Maple Leaf Massage?
There are many types of massage meeting many different needs. The techniques practiced at Maple Leaf Massage are detailed below.

 Holistic Massage Therapy
From the Greek word Holos meaning whole – This massage is based in Swedish Massage (the strokes used etc) but takes into consideration issues such as diet, environment etc with the aim of helping the client to eradicate factors that cause some of the conditions being treated – prevention is better than cure.

Sports & Remedial Therapy
This type of massage is a more advanced technique often using deeper strokes in a more focused treatment tailored to resolve a specific condition such as a sports injury, (eg strains, sprains, tennis elbow), general injuries (RSI, slips falls, accidents). It can also be used as a preventative or pre / post event treatment.

 Indian Head Massage
As practiced in the west, Indian Head Massage is a treatment focusing on the head, neck shoulders, arms and back. It is often used as a stress buster because these are areas of the body where much of our stress is held.

They are also the areas affected by using a keyboard, driving and many sports so it can provide benefit to most people. Indian head massage is performed with the client full clothed and without oils so is quick and easy to administer.

 Ayuredic Head Massage
This is a more traditional form of head massage and it incorporates the use of oils.

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Holistic Massage, Indian Head Massage, Ayuredic Head Massage, Sports and Remedial Therapies
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